Saturday, January 29, 2011

4/52 - Smoke

Ahhhh!!! 11:38 on the last day of my fourth week and I am posting what I just did! LOL! I thought I had left procrastination in the dust after college... guess not! But here it is! Im not totally happy with this one but it was the best out of what I got done, and next time I will buy incense like everyone says to! I used a small candle for this one. One of my kids hard page books, opened with black paper taped to both sides for a background (yeah I know ghetto! LOL!) I had my flash at a 90 degree angle to the candle, set up my camera and blew out the candle and started shooting! I think that when I use incense it will be better, and I will probably turn up the power on my flash next time as well. As always, thanks for reading, and your comments are always appreciated!

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