Saturday, January 29, 2011

4/52 - Smoke

Ahhhh!!! 11:38 on the last day of my fourth week and I am posting what I just did! LOL! I thought I had left procrastination in the dust after college... guess not! But here it is! Im not totally happy with this one but it was the best out of what I got done, and next time I will buy incense like everyone says to! I used a small candle for this one. One of my kids hard page books, opened with black paper taped to both sides for a background (yeah I know ghetto! LOL!) I had my flash at a 90 degree angle to the candle, set up my camera and blew out the candle and started shooting! I think that when I use incense it will be better, and I will probably turn up the power on my flash next time as well. As always, thanks for reading, and your comments are always appreciated!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

3/52 - Batman

Well I am trying to learn a bit more about long exposures... so far its been a bust! LOL! I have taken many many photos that were between 5-15 seconds long. None turned out the way that I pictured in my head. BUT I spent over an hour playing with my camera, which is the reason that we do project 52's! To get the camera in your hand and start experimenting! So yay! Anywho... I ended the evening frustrated that I wasn't getting what I wanted, then looked up and Batman to the rescue! LOL! I decided to take some pics of him and play with lighting.. So here is what I got!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Playing in the snice!

This isn't really apart of my 52, but I just wanted to share a couple pics from our recent ice/snow storm! Part of my reasons for doing a 52 is to get out of my "portraits only" kick I have been in! I take so many pics of my kids (NOT a bad thing!) that I forget to take pics of the beauty around me. (Which IS a bad thing!) So I know I shared one of the building that had the ice on it, but here are a few of my son playing in it! My 1 year old was running a temp, so he didn't get to go out at all so no pics of him this time!

Here is a close up of his happy face!

Here he is trying to eat the ice... I didn't let him, but I did snap a pic of him trying... LOL! You can see how thick the layer of ice was that was on top of the 3 inches of snow!
And this is him playing "ice ball" as he called it.. Leave it to my little leaguer to make anything into a sport.. ha! He ended up tossing a few to his daddy who was using a cardboard box for a bat! The huge pieces of ice would explode into a million pieces and they would all slide across the iced lawn!! It was really cool!

As always... thanks for reading and commenting!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week 2/52.. Sniced in!

Well.. we were supposed to get snowed in, but instead we got some snow with a not so nice layer of ice! So we got sniced in! Under about an inch of ice was 3 inches of snow. Not so fun to play in, but really fun watching the dog and kiddo trying to walk! ha! We have electric heat, so instead of chancing a power outage and getting cold, we went to my in laws house who has gas heat! All of my friends up North are laughing because everything has been shut down for 3 days for 3-6 inches of snow. BUT what no one understands unless you live here, our snow isn't pretty powdery you can drive on it snow. Our snow is slippery, slidey ( I know its not a word.. LOL) mostly ice snow... SNICE. When you go play in it, if you stand in once spot for too long you start to slide and when you play in it you end up SOAKING wet! YUCK! I really would love to play in the powdery snow that everyone talks about, it sounds so fun! But since I live here in Alabama when it snows we get snice instead! So week two of my 52, is a picture of what we have been looking at for days... ICE!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year.. new path!

So this year, I have decided to start a project 52! Basically I am committing to post a photo once a week. I think most people usually give their project a theme, so I am going to just call mine "this and that"... mostly because I don't commit well.. LOL! The point of the project is to get me out there and thinking photographically, practicing taking shots and failing, and learning from that failure. So here it is, the first week! I had a rough time getting my creative juices flowing after so long of only doing portraits and I started to panic! I know I look at things all the time and think, wow that would be a great photo! But most of the time its when I am out and about camera-less! (note to self, keep camera with me more!) So I thought okay, step one.. pull camera out of the bag! Easy enough right?! But then step two... find something to photograph! I walked around the house looking for the right thing and finally saw Caleb'smarkers sitting out. He is so creative, always coloring or drawing these elaborate pictures, so I figured what better way to get my creativity going than to take a picture of his markers he always creates things with! So week one.. here ya go!