Thursday, January 13, 2011

Playing in the snice!

This isn't really apart of my 52, but I just wanted to share a couple pics from our recent ice/snow storm! Part of my reasons for doing a 52 is to get out of my "portraits only" kick I have been in! I take so many pics of my kids (NOT a bad thing!) that I forget to take pics of the beauty around me. (Which IS a bad thing!) So I know I shared one of the building that had the ice on it, but here are a few of my son playing in it! My 1 year old was running a temp, so he didn't get to go out at all so no pics of him this time!

Here is a close up of his happy face!

Here he is trying to eat the ice... I didn't let him, but I did snap a pic of him trying... LOL! You can see how thick the layer of ice was that was on top of the 3 inches of snow!
And this is him playing "ice ball" as he called it.. Leave it to my little leaguer to make anything into a sport.. ha! He ended up tossing a few to his daddy who was using a cardboard box for a bat! The huge pieces of ice would explode into a million pieces and they would all slide across the iced lawn!! It was really cool!

As always... thanks for reading and commenting!!

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