Monday, May 17, 2010

The price of freedom

Today I had the opportunity to be apart of an awesome event. A local soldier was killed in combat and his funeral was today. So in support of Capt. Kyle Comfort and his family, an event was put together called "Line the streets with love". Anyone and everyone who wanted to come support his family was invited to line the streets from the church where the funeral was held to the burial grounds. And hundreds showed up! The Patriot Guard (who are an amazing group of people for what they do!) split with half in front and half in back of the procession and escorted them. While I am on the subject let me invoke my freedom of speech to say that it is HORRIBLE to think that anyone would take a funeral as an opportunity to spread a message of HATE!!! And that the God I serve is NOT a God of hate, but a God of LOVE! The people who are doing this despicable things are the opposite of what my God is about!!
*O.K. Allison.. breath* LOL
Anyway.. back to the story! So hundreds of people lined the streets, it was like a parade in honor of this fallen hero! Awesome... just awesome! I hope that more cities begin to do this! As the motorcade came upon the hill, the crowed was so still and quiet! Everything stopped... the emotion was so heavy in the air. The people driving in the precession were so filled with gratitude for what they were seeing. One man had tears streaming down his face, as he gave the crowd a thumbs up and mouthed "Thank you". Another person, a patriot guard rider blew out a kiss of appreciation to everyone there supporting our hero. Absolutely amazing... it was expected to be a tense event, as protesters were expected, but turned into a celebration of our freedom and this soldiers life. I am proud to be able to say that my family and I were a part of that. Proud that my son saw that.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shooting Fun!

I have been having a blast doing the shoots that I have gotten to do!! I did my cousin's prom photos in Ga two weeks ago, which went great... the weather was cloudy, so it was like God giving me a huge diffuser to take the pictures with! Then this weekend I did a shoot with one of my favorite families! They seriously made the whole thing fun! At one point I was laughing so hard I forgot to take pictures. LOL! yeah, rookie move, I know im supposed to capture those moments! I did manage to get a few. Although, the weather didn't cooperate with me this time. I scheduled the shoot for 4:30 knowing we would start by 5 and be done around 6, sounds like a great time right??? WRONG!!! LOL the sun was out at its FULLEST! I mean not ONE cloud in the entire sky to cut some of the shine. ha! Now I know, I need a reflector and a external flash so that next time I won't have such a hard time! I did manage to get a few great captures from them that didn't have horrible shadows in them! Hope that you can see what a fun family they were!

Hmm... weird... for some reason the blog is cutting off the ends of my photos. So for the real photos please see my flickr page! I promise I didn't cut the people in half. LOL!