Saturday, February 5, 2011

5/52 - flaming shots

This week I played around with my flash a good bit! I saw a version of this on a blog (can't remember which, sorry!) and I had to try it! So I couldn't decide which version I liked better, the lighter one with the reflection or the darker contraster one! So you be the judge as to which looks better!

My set up:
My camera is set in Manual Mode, shutter 1/40, apt 1.8 using a 50mm prime. Off camera flash set @ 1/32, with red paper over it (I don't have gels) aimed at a white background. on camera flash is set to off but since it still has *some* light output to set the off camera flash, I covered it as well as to not get any flash reflection. The shot glass is on a stool about 1 ft off the ground, glass covered for reflection, flash behind it on the floor pointed at the background (which is a white sheet of paper). I filled the shot glass with 70% rubbing alcohol and set the fire.

I played with the aperture a bit to see what the different outcomes were, and this is what I got!


  1. Thanks!! Im making sure I do things for my 52 that I don't normally do. I do TONS of portraiture, so this is definitely out of the box for me! LOL!