Monday, April 26, 2010

Restriction Stinks!

My new lens came in today! I was so excited I could have hugged the UPS man! LOL! Joe and I were pulling off of our road when I saw the UPS truck turning in and I said GO BACK! ha ha! so we turned around and met him at our house. So this is one of the photographs that I got today of Caleb, and yes it has a back story. (don't they all?! LOL)

Yesterday Caleb lied to us, and fully admitted to lying so that he didn't get into trouble. So his punishment was that today he was not allowed to go outside except for T-Ball practice. He typically stays outside for the majority of the day, so this was a BIG deal for him. This photograph was taken when I was going outside to get the mail and I was playing with my camera. He ran to the door as usual and said wait I gotta get my shoes on! And I reminded him that he was on restriction, and that included going outside with me to get the mail. This picture is of him sitting in the doorway while I was getting the mail. He told me right after this that he was not going to lie anymore because "restriction stinks" HA! Mission accomplished.

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