Friday, April 23, 2010

I got it!

Tonight I got my first lighting shot! Talk about adrenaline! Those of you who know me, know I am TERRIFIED of storms! Just listening to the thunder makes my palms sweat, heart race and my hands shake! So when I saw that it was storming, I ran to the back door, set up my tripod and camera and started shooting.... my hands were shaking so bad that I could hardly press my remote trigger! LOL! Caleb (who is also scared of storms, yet as infatuated as I am) kept running into the kitchen yelling "GET IT GET IT! YES!!!!! YOU GOT IT!" The storm lasted maybe 10 min over my house before it moved away. So I did manage to get ONE good shot though out all the chaos.. and its not fantastic, BUT I DID IT!!

I have always wanted to get a photo of lighting, bet never knew how! But when Joe and I started going to Mountian View Church (behind top of the river 8:30 and 10:15, ok done with my commercial), we got involved with a small group and met several couples who are now GREAT friends! One of those couples are Brandon and Mandie. When I found out Brandon was into photography AND storm chasing I had a million questions for him.... and still do! LOL! But he told me how to take the shots, and I have been impatiently waiting for a good storm for months! Seems that every time one would blow up, I was out somewhere with out my camera! Finally tonight I got a storm, and my first shot... and tomorrow Joe and I have high hopes that there will be more night storms so a group of us can go to a local mountain and shoot! Ill post again if I end up getting anything good!


  1. When I first heard you were going to try to get some storm shots I thought you had gone crazy! lol I am so proud of you for facing your fear and getting this shot! Way to go Alley!!!!! Now, come visit me and we can go chasin' together sometime! lol

  2. You got it good! I know you from DPS (I'm Barbara V on there). I like what you're doing with your photography, and would like to follow your blog.