Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shooting Fun!

I have been having a blast doing the shoots that I have gotten to do!! I did my cousin's prom photos in Ga two weeks ago, which went great... the weather was cloudy, so it was like God giving me a huge diffuser to take the pictures with! Then this weekend I did a shoot with one of my favorite families! They seriously made the whole thing fun! At one point I was laughing so hard I forgot to take pictures. LOL! yeah, rookie move, I know im supposed to capture those moments! I did manage to get a few. Although, the weather didn't cooperate with me this time. I scheduled the shoot for 4:30 knowing we would start by 5 and be done around 6, sounds like a great time right??? WRONG!!! LOL the sun was out at its FULLEST! I mean not ONE cloud in the entire sky to cut some of the shine. ha! Now I know, I need a reflector and a external flash so that next time I won't have such a hard time! I did manage to get a few great captures from them that didn't have horrible shadows in them! Hope that you can see what a fun family they were!

Hmm... weird... for some reason the blog is cutting off the ends of my photos. So for the real photos please see my flickr page! I promise I didn't cut the people in half. LOL!

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