Thursday, September 16, 2010

Im a slacker!

So my baby boy started school about 5 weeks ago! He is loving every day of it, and growing up WAY too fast!! At first I was using that time to study photography and take photos of Mackenzie to try and break into the Senior market... but then I joined a gym.. LOL! I have neglected myself for so long and it feels soo good to start trying to get back into shape! So now I am going to the gym Mon, Wed, and Fri at 12 for Zumba (which is totally fun btw!!) And some times on Tues and Thrus. I am still studying photography and taking photos all the time, but I am focusing big time on getting back in shape! I think you have to be in shape and CONFIDENT when you are shooting! I have been taking Mackenzie out shooting practicing in some areas that I wanted to try out for when I start doing Seniors! I will share some of those photos with ya'll even though they have been on my flicker for probably a month.. LOL! She is so fun to shoot because she is pretty much up for anything! For this shoot I brought my son's guitar, asked her to bring her fake glasses (they are so cute!) and some slip on shoes as well as her dress outfit! So if you have already seen them sorry...

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