Thursday, July 29, 2010

Your camera takes really nice pictures!

OH my goodness!! We have ALL been asked this question! And it does make one wonder why no one tells painters, wow your brushes make great art! Or writers, your computer makes fantastic stories! Have you ever seen the episode of Sponge Bob (yes I am referencing a cartoon while making a serious point. LOL) in which Patrick wants to write a song, so he asks Sponge Bob to borrow a pen only to get mad because his pen isn't writing any words for him! ha! Well.. This blog has went viral because of this!! (noo not mine unfortunately I was not smart enough to think of doing this! haha!) Photographer Erin Ferrell did an experiment in where she gives her camera to a non photographer and gives him a location and model for 10 min, then she takes the same location same model for ten min. She then compares the two to reiterate the fact that IT IS NOT JUST THE CAMERA! ha ha! I hate to see someone go out and buy a really expensive top of the line camera, toss the instruction booklet, set it to auto and get frustrated with not getting "professional photos" with there professional camera! Yes they are smart cameras, but it does take TONS of studying, learning and practicing to take great photos! You have to learn about posing, lighting, backgrounds, aperture, so on and so forth... you have to LOVE it to really DO it! Just like any other profession... So in my opinion what Erin did was a stroke of genius! Anyway.. here is a link to her blog so you can read all about it and see the final results of her experiment! Let me know what you think about this!

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